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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the No 1 seed in NCAA Tournament Bracketology?

Bracketology: Michigan State, Duke, Kentucky and Kansas are No. 1 seeds in early NCAA Tournament bracket prediction. NCAA championship: Virginia becomes fifth different ACC program to win national title in basketball.

What schools are in the NCAA basketball bracket?

This season, that list of schools includes Ohio State (Columbus), Sacramento State, Drake (Des Moines, Iowa), UCF (Orlando, Florida), Louisville, and UNLV. The next bracket will be in mid-December and we will have actual games and data to work with.

Is Penn State in the ACC bracket?

Penn State is one of the last four in the bracket and three other Big Ten teams are among the first four out. The ACC, which is having another down year, although better than last season, has seven teams in the bracket. None are seeded higher than No. 3 seed Virginia.

How many teams are in the Big Ten bracket?

The ACC, Big 12, Big Ten and SEC each have seven teams in this bracket. The Big Ten's highest seeded teams are Illinois and Indiana, which are No. 5 seeds. I expect the Big Ten race to be highly competitive, which could keep the top seeds down in the bracket some. Each of the other power conferences has multiple teams seeded in the top 16.

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