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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Bunnytown?

Bunnytown is an American children's television program that aired on Playhouse Disney in the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as several other countries. Reruns of the show continued to air after their initial broadcast episode dates, but was removed in May 2014. The full series can be streamed on iTunes and Apple TV.

Is Bunnytown on Playhouse Disney?

(Error Code: 104154) BunnyTown is a children's puppet television series that airs on Playhouse Disney 's block in the United States and Canada, as well as more than seventy other countries. It is Disney's first large-scale international production.

What is Super-Bunny in Bunnytown?

The Adventures of Super-Bunny, created new for Bunnytown follows the format of Little Bad Bunny stealing carrots from Bunnytown, and Super-Bunny comes to the rescue. The Bunnytown Hop, done by a rock-and-roll band inspired by mega groups such as Earth, Wind and Fire. Characters from earlier segments may take part in this song.

Is Bunnytown inhabited by humans?

Bunnytown is neighbored by Peopletown, inhabited by humans. A bunny journeys through underground tunnels to view the entertainment from the safety of the burrow. Regularly appearing Peopletown humans include Red and Fred, a silent slapstick or pratfall duo in the vein of Laurel and Hardy.

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