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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lets bump up?

Lets Bump Up is all about encouraging students to make their sentences and writing more interesting and engaging. Students will build four sentences, each time adding an adjective, adverb and then turning the sentence into either a compound or complex sentence.

What are bump it up walls?

Bump It Up Walls assist your students in knowing what is required to be successful, as well as showing them 'where to next'. This resource so far includes:10 levels of "I can" writing statements- these have been mostly based around the first 8 levels of the Australian National Literacy Progressions.

How do I use the bump it up checklists?

Then discuss the different levels of the bump it up checklists and have students independently write a descriptive paragraph in their books. You can print off the checklists to glue in books. The checklists can be used for students to self assess and then receive teacher feedb BUMP ARTIC AND GRAMMAR GAMES MEGA BUNDLE!

How many games are included in bump games?

BUMP GAMES MEGA BUNDLE FOR ARTIC AND GRAMMAR!60+ GAMES INCLUDED, FULL INSTRUCTIONS AND SENTENCE STARTERS AS WELL!I play Bump! with kids of all ages in speech! We work on word level all the way up to sentences, it's super easy to learn and I have the whole set made for our program.

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