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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we make our Bracketology predictions?

Here we plan to prep you for everything that will take place during March Madness! To come up with our bracketology predictions, we use a combination of variables including our own NCAA college basketball ratings, RPI, strength of schedule (SOS), and few other factors to come up with the Bracket Rating.

What is NCAA Tournament Bracketology?

Bracketology is the practice of predicting the field and seeding for all 68 teams in the NCAA tournament and/or the outcomes for all games in the tournament. It is a made-up "-ology", sadly, so don't change your major just yet. How does the NCAA tournament bracket work?

Is Baylor a constant for 2020 NCAA tournament predictions?

Through a wild college basketball season full of shockers and upsets, Baylor has emerged as a constant for 2020 NCAA tournament predictions — at least through Jan. 23 games. With less than two months until Selection Sunday, Baylor leads the latest March Madness projections from's Andy Katz.

Are there any bubble predictions for the 2020 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

KATZ'S CRYSTAL BALL: 20 predictions for the 2020 NCAA tournament Katz went beyond the field of 68 to make some predictions on the bubble for the upcoming season. 29. Daniel Wilco has worked at the AJC, Sports Illustrated, and SEC Country. His writing has also appeared on, Men’s Health, and The Cauldron.

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