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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new with ESPN's Bracketology?

We resurrect it now as addendum to's comprehensive Bracketology package. In addition to the new 48- and 16-team projections that will accompany the standard 68-team fields, we will occasionally use this space to peek at what an expanded tourney might look like.

How many new teams are in ESPN's 2023 bracket?

ESPN will be there every step of the way with its 2023 bracket projections, evaluating the current state of the bubble and identifying the top seeds for the game's showcase event. A whopping 14 new teams appear in this week's bracket, including a pair of new No. 1 seeds in Purdue and Connecticut.

How will the 2020-21 season affect NCAA bids?

Make Your Picks The bottom line for the 2020-21 season is that more teams will be in contention for NCAA bids, but with fewer ways to evaluate them. To ensure that every team with a legitimate chance to advance in the tournament is actually part of the field, we might have to expand it.

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