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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a box braid?

Divide your hair into 4 box-shaped sections with a wide-tooth comb. Create 4 sections by dividing your hair down the center from your forehead to your neck, then from ear to ear. Leave the first section you plan to work on undone. Make sure the sections are evenly parted, with a clear straight line at the roots, forming a box shape.

What are the best tips for getting box braids?

Hair doesn’t have to be bone straight and sleek. A simple blow-dry or similar hair stretching method that elongates kinks and curls is enough to make a box braid session a breeze. It also minimizes tangling and breakage, which we’re sure nobody wants with their protective style.

Are box braids a good choice for a protective style?

Best of all, box braids even serve as a form of protective styling. Currently, it’s not uncommon to see women with waist-length box braids. Even celebrities like Alicia Keys, Eve, and Sanaa Lathan have joined in on the trend.

What type of hair is used for box braids?

Look for synthetic hair (which is less prone to frizz) that is smooth and soft at your local beauty supply store or online. Soft-pressed Kanekalon Expression hair and pre-stretched Kanekalon hair are the most common types of synthetic hair used for box braids. You could also use human hair extensions or yarn hair.

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