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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between booked and arrested?

As nouns the difference between arrest and booking is that arrest is a check, stop, an act or instance of something while booking is the act or process of writing something down in a book or books, eg in accounting. is that arrest is (obsolete|transitive) to stop the motion of (a person or animal) while booking is .

What is booked about?

Like The Crossover, Booked is written in verse and is about a young teen named Nick that is a star on the soccer pitch. He's got a crush on a girl named April but doesn't have the confidence to approach her. At home, his dad's an overbearing wordsmith that makes him learn new words from the dictionary every night.

What does it mean to be a bookie?

A bookie is someone who facilitates gambling, most commonly on sporting events. A bookie sets odds, accepts and places bets, and pays out winnings on behalf of other people. This is often illegal activity.

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