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Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Beatles meet the Beach Boys?

Both the Beatles and the Beach Boys were extremely busy and caught up in the whirlwind of buses and planes and hotel rooms screaming girls and photographers and drugs and alcohol and sex and and so on and I don’t think they ever met at the height of their fame, in 1964 and 1965.

What was the Beach Boys Last Song?

Wilson devoted the last three months of 1965 to polishing the vocals of "Sloop John B" and recording six new original compositions. " The Little Girl I Once Knew ", released as a standalone single in November, was the last original Beach Boys song issued before any Pet Sounds tracks.

Who inspired the Beach Boys?

The Beach Boys were, in today’s standards, a ‘boy band’, mostly all related to one another, where they unabashedly took what Chuck Berry was doing and revolutionised it into the Californian surf sound. This isn’t such a crazy concept; afterall, Chuck Berry took what T-Bone Walker was doing and made that kind of music his own.

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