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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with mechanical pencils?

Using a Mechanical PencilTwist-click Mechanisms. This mechanism is most common in pencils that are designed to go with a matching ballpoint pen. ...Continuous Twist Mechanisms. These aren't so common these days, but there are a few around, like Faber-Castell's e-motion. ...Shaker Mechanisms. ...Auto-feed Pencils. ...Kuru Toga. ...Twist-extend Erasers. ...Lead Jams. ...Multifunction Pens with Pencils. ...

Why use mechanical pencils?

Why Use a Mechanical Pencil? There are some good reasons why you might prefer a mechanical pencil over a woodcased pencil. No Sharpening. If the lead is thin enough, you don't need to keep sharpening it - just keep writing or drawing. Not only does it save time and effort, but sharpening can be messy. Consistent Line Width. When a woodcased pencil is freshly sharpened, it writes a very thin line.

Do mecanical pencils have lead in them?

The simple answer is no because the lead in a mechanical pencil is exactly the same as a wooden pencil lead. It is not actually lead but graphite the only difference been that it is not cased in wood and graphite is a nontoxic substance. Where are BIC lead pencils made?

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