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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Battle of the barracks important?

The Battle of the Barracks was an escalation of the conflict between Croatian authorities and the Croatian Serbs who openly revolted in August 1990 and the JNA's efforts to preserve the Yugoslav federation. At the same time, Croatia made moves towards achieving independence from Yugoslavia.

What happened at the Bjelovar barracks?

Croatian authorities charged the deputy head of the Bjelovar police operations department and three special police force members with the deaths of five JNA prisoners and the shooting of a civilian following the surrender of the Bjelovar barracks.

How do you say anniversary of Otočac barracks capture in Croatian?

"Na današnji dan osvojena vojarna u Otočcu" [Anniversary of Otočac barracks capture] (in Croatian). Lika online daily e-newspaper.

What was the purpose of the Battle of Zagreb?

The battle took place around numerous JNA posts in Croatia, starting when Croatian forces blockaded the JNA barracks, weapons storage depots and other facilities. It formally began on 14 September; its objective was to neutralise the JNA positions in ZNG-held territory and to secure arms and ammunition supplies for the poorly equipped ZNG.

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