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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my kids?

DIY projects: Whether it's building a fort or making a pasta skyscraper, a bit of DIY is always fun for the kids Give them device time: Every parent's savior at least occasionally, this could include allowing them to play games or watch Netflix

How to work from home with kids?

How to Work From Home With Kids 1 Build a new routine. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you how important having a routine is to raising children. ... 2 Set clear boundaries. ... 3 Time entertainment wisely. ... 4 Leverage technology to connect with family. ... 5 Schedule time together outdoors. ... 6 Set a schedule and stick to it. ...

How do I contact find my kids?

In case of technical problems, you can always contact Find My Kids 24-hour support via support chat in the app or by e-mail [email protected] If you install our app and give all the necessary permissions, you notice that your parents will less bother you with calls and give you more freedom.

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