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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AmeriSpeak?

Developed and funded by NORC, AmeriSpeak is the most scientifically rigorous panel solution available in the U.S., giving NORC clients a breakthrough new option for conducting statistical surveys of the population. AmeriSpeak is distinctive on three key dimensions of survey quality:

How do I participate in the AmeriSpeak Health Study?

Welcome to the AmeriSpeak Health Study. You can earn $30 for completing this survey and helping us understand some of the issues people are experiencing across the country. It only takes a few minutes to see if you qualify to participate in the survey. Simply enter your unique PIN to get started.

How often is The AmeriSpeak Omnibus survey conducted?

AmeriSpeak Omnibus is conducted twice a month, and survey data is delivered in about one week. For AmeriSpeak's Omnibus survey, 1,000 nationally representative adults age 18 and older are drawn from the AmeriSpeak Panel and are interviewed online and by phone.

How much can you earn with AmeriSpeak?

The Amerispeak will give you an amount of $1 at least on each survey that you take. overall you can expect an amount of $5 to earn easily from this platform. The surveys are as long as 15 minutes and as short as 5 minutes.

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