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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AmeriSpeak?

Amerispeak is the first U.S household panel which now becomes a popular survey panel in the U.S. Amerispeak is the platform, whose panel is comprised of adults from different communities. It means Amerispeak is giving a chance to different people to speak up and share their opinions on the surveys related to researches freely and get paid for it.

How many complaints against AmeriSpeak have closed in last 3 years?

3 complaints against AmeriSpeak closed in last 3 years. View summaries of the complaint descriptions and responses. This company's business is market research survey services. Is this Your Business?

How much can you earn with AmeriSpeak?

The Amerispeak will give you an amount of $1 at least on each survey that you take. overall you can expect an amount of $5 to earn easily from this platform. The surveys are as long as 15 minutes and as short as 5 minutes.

Is AmeriSpeak membership by invitation only?

AmeriSpeak membership is by invite only, to ensure that it represents a cross-section of U.S. households. AmeriSpeak scientifically and randomly selects members by address, inviting any adult and teen living at that address to participate.

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