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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Spanish conquest affect the Americas?

Long Term Effects of the Spanish Conquest of the Americas. Slavery. Population. Wealth. Once the Spanish had taken over, many native Incas were enslaved. Most of these slaves were forced to work in silver mines. The work was very dangerous and many Incas died. The silver and gold acquired by the Spanish brought great wealth back to Europe.

What regions did the Spanish colonize?

While Spain and Portugal led the way in establishing colonies in the region, other countries like France, the Netherlands, Britain as a whole, and Scotland, before its absorption into Britain, managed Latin American colonies. Spain was the first European nation to colonize Latin America, beginning with Christopher Columbus' voyage in 1492.

Why did the Spanish come to America?

The reasons for the early Spanish Immigration to America was the desire to expand the Spanish Empire and the prestige of Spain, the conversion of 'savages' to the Catholic faith, exploitation of the natural resources of the New World, especially gold, silver and spices and new opportunities for trade.

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