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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason that lightsabers have different colors?

The lightsaber color comes from the kyber crystal inside of it. Kyber crystals are what power lightsabers. The Jedi it seems tend to use the colors of their sabers to denote different classes of Jedi. In master-padawan relationships, usually the master has a green saber and the padawan a blue one.

Which lightsaber color should you have?

You should have a blue lightsaber. You're a jedi, and rely mostly on sword combat and love a good fight. You should have a green lightsaber. You rely mostly on the force, but your lightsaber does come in handy. You like to keep quiet with a low profile. You see out the traces of the darkside.

What color would your lightsaber be?

Your lightsaber would be purple! A purple lightsaber it is! You, like other purple lightsaber wielders, can pull from the dark force (red) and the light force (blue). You are normally calm, independent, and mysterious. You're ambitious and refuse to lose your dignity.

Is there a kind of lightsaber that can change color?

You cannot color your lightsaber as per your wish, as per the Jedi Code the Jedi are to use blue for their lightsabers but we have seen Jedis wielding different color lightsabers in the past. Though having the ability to change the color as per your need seems highly unlikely and it is best kept out of the game.

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