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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alexander's Steakhouse-Pasadena take reservations?

San Gabriel Valley - Bougie Bites! People found Alexander's Steakhouse - Pasadena by searching for… Does Alexander's Steakhouse - Pasadena take reservations? Does Alexander's Steakhouse - Pasadena have outdoor seating? Yes, Alexander's Steakhouse - Pasadena has outdoor seating.

Does Alexander's Steakhouse have a full bar?

A full bar featuring some of the most unique specialty cocktails is a great way to begin your evening here at Alexander's Steakhouse. At Alexander's Steakhouse Pasadena we offer three private dining rooms and one semi-private space to create the perfect setting for your special event.

What is it like to eat at Alexander's?

Dining at Alexander's is not only a luxury, but an experience! Not only will your palette be incredibly satisfied, but you'll also be taken well care of by the staff until you walk out the door. Kudos to the staff, chefs and amazing service! To call this place a steakhouse is a misnomer, because it is so much more than that.

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