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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you choose your own steak at Alexander’s Steakhouse?

Enjoy it! At Alexander’s Steakhouse, each guest has the opportunity to select their own Steak from the locker and cook it their own special way over a live charcoal grill. Guests can select from twelve different Steak Cuts, such as Ribeye, T-Bone, Filet or our own “Santa Maria” Top Sirloin.

What kind of meat does Alexander's Steakhouse use?

Located in the SoMa district of San Francisco Alexander's Steakhouse features a meticulously curated beef program with emphasis placed on highlighting small farms from the US, Australia, and Japan Our Beef Alexander's Steakhouse features Greater Omaha Prime beef, dry-aged for 28 days resulting in unmatched flavor and texture.

What is Porterhouse steak and how is it made?

It’s known for “melting” in your mouth. Available in a variety of cuts and can also be marinated in Teriyaki. The Porterhouse and T-Bone are made up of two lean, tender steaks, both the Strip and Filet. Those are connected by a tell-tale T-shaped bone. If diameter of Filet is larger than a golf ball, it’s considered a Porterhouse.

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