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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the LCS perform preventative maintenance?

Unlike most surface ships, LCS utilizes a combination of ship’s force and contracted personnel to conduct preventative maintenance due to the LCS minimal manning model.

How are LCSs assigned to fleets?

LCSs are assigned by variant to Atlantic and Pacific Fleets in order to enhance alignment of sustainment activities. As of June 2021, the ships are divided into two squadrons: Littoral Combat Ship Squadron 1 (LCSRON ONE) in San Diego and Littoral Combat Ship Squadron 2 (LCSRON TWO) in Mayport, Florida.

What is a deployed LCS?

Deployed LCSs largely execute maintenance at Forward Operating Sites (FOS), which have embedded maintenance support facilities/personnel. Additionally, the ships have the capability to conduct maintenance at Remote Operating Sites (ROS).

What is LCS sustainment?

Under the LCS sustainment concept, aspects of many legacy shipboard functions such as logistics, maintenance, and training are conducted by outside organizations, thus removing these functions from the ship's crew in order to supplement the minimal manning model. The enabler of LCS distance support is the Maintenance Support Team (MST).

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