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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pinocchio a good movie?

As beautiful as del Toro’s Pinocchio is in design and conceit—the curved ridges on Geppetto’s beard alone are a wonder—the film never quite gains the intended emotional power. December 19, 2022 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Is Pinocchio live-action?

Like the titular puppet at its center, “ Pinocchio ” lingers in an existential purgatory. The latest live-action remake of an animated Disney classic occupies an uncomfortable creative middle ground between remaining true to its beloved roots while also aiming to be fresh for modern audiences. Familiar lines share space with snarky one-liners.

Is Pinocchio Disney's worst live-action remake?

All of this amounts to Disney’s worst live-action remake to date, especially since the original Pinocchio is considered by many to be one of Disney’s greatest films, animated or not.

Is Pinocchio a dream come true?

“Pinocchio” surely has its moments. But beyond answering the streaming giant’s wish for another marquee attraction carved from a beloved property, any praise comes with a few strings attached, depriving it of the consistent sense of wonder that would qualify as a dream come true.

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